See what our colleagues did on Challenge Day - Mission Impossible - 20th November 2020

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Ben Pennington - Spanish

Students only just started Spanish at the beginning of year 9 and were given a Spanish news article to decipher!

Julian Boon - Physics

Conservation of momentum

Students learned the basic concept then are given a very hard question

Ruth Carey - Biology y10

Picture of the heart and open ended questions to recap on prior knowledge and challenge through questioning

Harry Windsor - Sports Science

Students were challenged to produce visual representations of the 3 major blood vessels using play-do as an intro to the vascular system

James Rice - Computing yr9

Write a set of instructions to make a cup of tea using flow chat diagrams?


Year 13 attempted macroeconomic analysis for the first time, analysing the impact of budget measures without previous teaching.

Ashley Croft - Physics Y11

High level of challenge required to work out a difficult exam question on conservation of momentum

Matt Bevan - Chemistry

Maths applied to an energy question - an impossible mission.

Matheus Matheus, Kevin Wise and Alison Peake - Maths

Decipher this maths challenge and find the hidden word

Hannah Swain - French Y7

Challenging task on naming animals in French and then asking what pets they have in full sentences before completing more challenging tasks.

Dan Foster - Maths Y9

Students had access to maths challenges on the board

Joanne Thompson Y10 & Y11 German

They had to read the German newspaper article aloud, which was full of lots unfamiliar text. They were then given between 1-3 minutes to complete each individual exercise on the worksheet.

Through class discussion, by the end of the “Mission Impossible” session, they had been able to translate the whole article from Deutsche Welle

Henry Bowen

In Science and in Chemistry, we have devised some Impossible questions and some impossible writing tasks. Below is just one example of many excellent questions.

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