Gemma's Chemistry Day of Mission Impossible Tasks - 24th January 2020

I managed to set ‘missions’ in 4 of 5 lessons:

-Y10 – Introduced them to how we name salts formed in chemical reactions and challenged them to use this naming convention to name as many salts as they could in 2 minutes

-Y9 – handed back their tests and challenged them to correct as many answers as possible using my comments & their knowledge only – it was surprising how many they could do!

-Y12 – introduced them to a new formula & showed them a set-up for a practical. They had to use their brains only to determine how they could use the formula & the practical to answer a Q I set. Great to see them really thinking / struggling!!

-Y7 – I gave them detailed instructions for a practical (making a pinhole camera) and challenged them to build one that worked without asking me any Qs! I gave them a post-it note each which they could swap for 1 bit of advice if they were really struggling.

Definitely helped to build resilience and made them realise how many unnecessary Qs they ask me!

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