Have you signed up to Metacognition?

Welcome on board the journey!

The first major event will be the CPD Inset on Wednesday 3rd October (3.30pm). This will introduce the basics of metacognition. We will explore metacognitive knowledge and regulation with reference to yur own lives as well as some case studies. By understanding these underlying principles, it then becomes more apparent what different T&L strategies are trying to achieve. You will leave with some homework (!) and some intial strategies to trial in the classroom.

The second session takes place during the whole school INSET on Monday 29th October. Here, we will reflect on our first trials before considering a wider range of classroom based ideas. You will have an opportunity to consider and plan how you wish to develop metacognition within your personal teaching / subject area.

So what should you do NOW?

You will be receiving an initial survey by email shortly. Please fill this out and return to me by Friday 28th September. This will provide me with an idea about everyone's level of knowledge prior to the CPD session in October.

Please have a read of some of the other posts within this blog which provide a flavour of the ideas associated with Metacognition.


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