How to encourage 'active listening'...

I've noticed that when students have felt confident to voice their ideas and opinions, its too easy for other students to sit back. Sometimes, they glaze over and when prompted to make a response, are caught unawares. We recently focused on how to reduce 'passive listening' at the INSET on Monday and came up with some ideas. Let me know which ones you have tried or worked well. Hopefully you can use them on CHALLENGE DAY!

Some Do's and Don'ts of Passive Listening

To reduce passive listening

· Assign roles when working in groups

· Partner work summarise key points of partner 1

· Written or verbal follow-up task

· Hands down questioning/cold calling

· Flash cards/quiz let live

· Doodle books exercise books – key words section

· Students encourage/invite others to join conversation

· Dice/lollipop sticks

· Speed dating – talking on topic

· Hot seating

· Jigsaw – different sections for different groups

· Check for understanding – FACT OFF

· Apply discussion points and challenge other points

- Peer assessment or reflections (WWW, EBi)


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