Metacognition - thinking about thinking

Cambridge research

Pablo Torres: So, metacognition can boost your academic performance because in a way what it does is that it develops a teacher within yourself. So it is like thinking about an inner voice that is able to guide your thinking and your performance.

Matthew Somerville: I think metacognition helps children to become active and independent learners. So, they can use their metacognitive skills and strategies, not just inside the classroom in front of the teacher, but in any setting.

Lee Davis: The benefits are numerous in terms of metacognition. Research tells us that, for example, it helps engage disengaged learners, disadvantaged learners. It helps in terms of, being applicable across a broad range of subject domains, across a broad range of student abilities. It is also very low cost in terms of implementation. School leadership do not have to invest a lot of money into this, it is just time, it is a cultural shift perhaps, but it is about time. Giving students and teachers time to develop these strategies in the school.

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