Metacognition Update 29th October 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to Monday's INSET. It is great to see and hear about the variety of strategies being trialled already. Please do add comments to this post about what you have been doing in the classroom and share your experiences so we can all learn from each other.

Resources: There is now a Metacognition folder on the K Drive - within the Teaching and Learning folder. I've added some of the resources used in the INSET sessions including a power point that Jane has put together from the INSET she has recently attended. I would like us to build up a bank of examples and resources which we can all utilise so, please upload your worksheets, power points etc too.

Video /Blog Links from Monday's Inset: - Blog post from the Geography teacher about how they modelled their thinking on the GCSE exam paper. - Blog / video of a teacher modelling how to answer a Maths question (scroll down the post to the picture of the visualiser to find the text / video) - an American example of modelling exam questions - A blog from Gianfranco Conti (who lead the INSET training that Jane J has recently attended) outlining the LIFT technique.

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