Monopoly Day - Friday 11th January 2019

The monopoly pieces are about to be distributed - will you end up with the dog? the boot? or the ship? And then, what should you do with it?

Here's two possible ideas:

1) Incorporate your piece into the content you are teaching to a particular group. This may be explicit: so if I was teaching about globalisation, I would refer to the growth of container SHIPs and how they have been instrumental in the development of global trade. Alternatively, you may make implicit / covert references to your piece and then challenge the students to identify which piece you were given.

2) Use the last 10 minutes of the lesson for a plenary: challenge the students to make links between the content of the lesson and your particular monopoly piece. Encourage the students to use their subject knowledge to develop realistic, plausible and accurate links. These may be direct links or involve a number of 'steps'. I'm intrigued to see how year 10 will link an IRON to descriptions of distinctive landscapes but I am hoping that some creative thinking will emerge.

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