Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Teachers carried out an excellent array of activities aiming to encourage our students to use challenging vocabulary.

Julian Whittaker - key words to assess performances (Music)

We shared and discussed the key wow words that are needed to create an amazing performance. The boys then worked on their performances of a rock anthem, before showing progress by performing to the group at the ned. We displayed the wow words and peer assessed each other’s work.

Did the performances demonstrate accuracy, fluency, timing etc…

Beat the Class

Michelle Gardner - Beat The Class (Business)

Materials required (mini whiteboards, marker and an eraser per group, or scrap paper and a pen); syllabus topics written on a whiteboard, or on a slide on the interactive whiteboard). Key topics can also just be thought of on the spot and given verbally.

Organisation: Place students into an even number of groups e.g. 4 or 6 (if you have a group with an additional student, simply run an extra round)

1.Choose a topic area from the board - one student per group exits the classroom to discuss the topic (2 mins), meanwhile the students left in the room discuss the topic too and note down 6 words they think should be used when explaining the topic onto the whiteboard/scrap paper.

2. When students return to the class they have to talk to the group (not just list words) and the group members tick off (hidden from the speaker) key terms as they're used until complete. Students in the group can prompt the speaker if they run out of things to stay.

3. Repeat until all students have discussed a topic.

4. Students in each group nominate 1 or 2 students who most effectively explained the topic using the 'best' terminology - these were awarded WOW cards, but can as easily be given a sweet or a merit point.

Paulina Kirkpatrick - embedding very challenging words (Economics)

Provided a list of the 50 most challenging English words and asked students to coherently embed as many words as possible into a revision presentation. See example below:

One of the slides from Ed's and Harvey's revision presentation - a great effort!

Use of less well known subject specific vocabulary

Catherine Brookes - definitions quiz (Geography)

Given year 11 a definitions quiz on specialist geographical vocabulary that they had already identified as being less well known. Those that had the majority (and over 5) right won a Wow token.

Penny Bennett – Game City – Kodu with Year 7 (Maths/ICT)

This lesson is mainly students working independently through game-based programming and puzzle challenges.

To bring WOW words into the lesson, as a starter we looked at an online encyclopaedia of gaming and programming terms. The students were all then challenged to use new words in conversation throughout the lesson, and if I was sufficiently impressed with their use of words and explanations I awarded them a WOW card.

We’ve had loads of enthusiastic terms used, quite a few new to Penny too!

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