See what colleagues did for MONOPOLY DAY...!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

MIKE (DOG) -- create a board game and create a dog from metal

PAULINA (IRON) - create accurate and relevant economic statements including an iron

KAREN (THIMBLE) - extended thinking on a philosophical question

PAULINA (IRON) - create a diagram explaining how imports/exports of irons influences the Balance of Payments and exchange rates

ALISON (DOG) - calculations with decimals

HOLLY (HAT) - Thinking Hats with Year 11 - They were discussing ways the Japanese Earthquake impacted they supply of 'Just - in Time' manufacturing.

JULIAN (CAR) - challenging musical composition

JULIETTE (THIMBLE) finger hat (direct translated in German). The pupils had to come up with the direct translation and then find more words in German which are build up with 2 nouns. Once we had a list of these ( quiet funny with what they all came up with) we determined how to find out the article of each word and we came up with a rule which article to give the word made up from 2 noun.

JO (CAR) - asked and told them what car was in German and then told them in German that the car would move around the classroom. If it stopped on them then they would have to talk about school subjects, extending their answers to include opinions and connectives where possible. They got smilies dependant on the complexity of their answer. It was basically like pass the bomb. Y11 They told me the 2 ways to say car in German. I had then embedded a picture of the car on different slides within the powerpoint. When they saw the car they had to try and write an extended sentence to include the phrases/structures on the board. We then played pass the car at the end, as with Y7.

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