Speed Dating

This morning I observed Karen (P&E teacher and Training Manager) undertake a revision lesson with Year 11. The focus was on re-capping Year 10 knowledge and it was great for students to identify gaps in their knowledge.

The group were sat in pairs, one in an inner circle and one in an outer circle. Every other person was given a set of questions on a Year 10 topic which Karen had taken easily from the specification. Students took it in turns to ask and answer questions before they rotated. They then had to identify areas of weakness and homework was to revise those areas in preparation for their mock. Students were extremely engaged in the activity which lasted half the lesson but can of course be adapted as a starter/plenary. They were using subject specific language and it was great to see Talk for Learning in action.

It works well with smaller groups and stretches the More Able as questions were clearly differentiated. I found it hard to picture when Karen told me about it in the last INSET, hence my request to see it live! Thank you Karen!

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