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Updated: Oct 9, 2018

During a busy term, it was great to share ideas with colleagues at tonight's INSET. We also welcomed a fellow Oracy enthusiast from Archway school! I shared the 'TOP EIGHT' sheet with some quick and easy ideas to embed T4L in lessons and have also listed them below.

1. Four corners

Pose a statement on the board and get students to discuss it, then ask them to stand in the corner of the rooms e.g. 'Student's should have the right to vote at 16'

Do they agree, disagree, strongly agree or strongly disagree &why?

2. Soap Box/Mini TED talk

Get students to research a unit or consolidate a topic to present to the class for 3-5 minutes. No slides or notes. This can also be a useful tutor time activity. Encourage students to use a range of techniques such as gestures, rhetorical questions, quotes etc. Use peer feedback to evaluate one another.

3. Dice Questions

Put numbered questions on the board (1-6) at the end or part way through a lesson. Put students in groups, whichever number the dice lands on they have to answer and discuss it. This is useful as a revision activity or get the MAGT students to create the questions.

4. Power of Pictures

Imagery is a powerful tool to boost discussion. Put images on the board and get students to discuss the relevance, e.g. odd one out, word association etc.

5. Role Play

This is something I do as a fun activity to demonstrate the topic of'Customer Service.' I get students to act out a scene with poor customer service to the class. It must be between 2-3 minutes. Or get students to interview one another or conduct a focus group.

6. Articulate

Place key words in a hat and in teams, one student at a time from each team has 45 seconds to get their team to say the answer on the paper. No rhymes with, begins with, or opposite of.

7. Debate

Students were given a homework task to research a side of an argument; 'This house believes globalisation is a good idea' they then had to consolidate their ideas on a sticky note ready for the debate lesson. The teams had time to prepare an opening statement and all students have to contribute to the debate.

8.Teach someone

Ask students how they would teach a topic to one of the following; a celebrity, a professional, someone in Key Stage 3. They must use keywords and be prepared to explain them.

Please comment below about which ones have worked (or not worked) and add any of your own ideas that aren't listed above. I've included some images when we shared ideas on the tables.

Thanks to Andy for linking T4L with Technology

Four Corners and the Dice activity proved popular


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