The Teacher Twitterati

Much like my generation, I am an avid social media user and I have a very on-off relationship with Twitter. When i'm not angrily tweeting about the terrible customer service of Specsavers and Gold Car, I find myself scanning the topical ideas, attitudes and opinions of my better-qualified and more outspoken counterparts. I'm very much on the bench, watching the action and happy to be entertained without contributing. Last night, I got myself in a 'Twitter Hole' and came across a poll - 'If a gun was held to your head, who would you vote for; Boris Johnson or Michael Gove?' by Ross Morrison McGill from @TeacherToolkit. If you're interested, you still have six days to read the article and cast your vote!

Without sending you into a political frenzy, I wanted to highlight some insightful accounts that I recommend you should follow. They have provided me with useful T&L ideas, recent research outcomes and lesson ready video clips. Please comment with other accounts you think I should follow and give Specsavers some breathing space!

Amjat Ali @TryThisTeaching

Lucy Hemsley @CheltTeacher

Tom Sherrington @teacherhead

I Will Campaign @iwill_campaign

Tom Bennett @tombennett71

Noisy Classroom @noisyclassroom

Pivotal Podcast @pivotalpodcast

Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox

BAME Ed @BAMEedNetwork

Flexible Teacher Talent @FlexTeachTalent

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