Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Purpose: promoting use of challenging vocabulary in lessons


Each individual member of staff will project the shared PowerPoint slide at the start of the lesson.

Staff may choose to promote subject specific words from any of the following sources:

· Vocabulary lists in the student planners

· Glossary at the back of textbooks

· Specific words identified at the start of the lesson that students should aim to use

· Introduce GCSE / A Level terminology for younger students to use.

Staff can also ask for word substitution during verbal contributions.

Tracking use of words:

· Teachers will need to decide whether to accept spoken and / or written words

· For written work, students could be asked to highlight the wow words they have used.

· The words must be spelled correctly!


· Individual staff can reward students with bronze merits

· You will find 20 WOW WORDS tokens in you tray on Thursday

· Staff to give a token to those students using five or more wow words in the lesson. The tokens will be exchanged for chocolate Monday (11/3/19) lunch time (Crush Hall).

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